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​​​Burn it smart!

Safety Tips:

Enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove in safe comfort by taking a few simple precautions:
  • Creosote, a crusty residue left behind from smoke, may ignite into a dangerous fire.  Reduce creosote by burning only clean (non treated or painted) and seasoned (dry) wood.  Do not burn garbage materials such as paper, plastics, etc.
  •  Regularly remove ashes from ovens and fireplaces and store in a non combustible container with lid in a safe area.
  •  Keep combustible and household items away from wood burning stoves and fireplaces.
  •  Use a properly fitted screen around fireplaces to help prevent escaping sparks.
  •  Install carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms in your home in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code and municipal by-laws.
  • Ensure wood burning stoves and fire places are inspected annually by a qualified technician certified by the Wood Energy Technical Training (WETT) program.
Contact your insurance company for further information.
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