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For Fire Prevention Week this year (October 3rd -  9th, 2021), CYFS and departments across the province will be taking the virtual route.

CYFS will be approaching the week with having a themed topic videos during the week.  Instead of being able to host our residents in our house, we are coming to theirs' virtually!  

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For Fire Prevention Week this year (October 4th -  10th 2020), CYFS and departments across the province will be taking the virtual route.

CYFS will be approaching the week with each of the 7 days having a themed focus/topic. Instead of being able to host our residents in our house, we are coming to theirs' virtually!  

The week will include videos, infographics, and virtual games focusing on:

  • Cooking safety + what to do in the event of a fire while cooking
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Maintenance, installation, and understanding your devices and what your home requires
  • Emergency Preparedness: How to build your own 72hr Kit, where to find information for your municipality, and more.
  • Home escape planning
  • History of the fire service: Why we focus Fire Prevention Week annually on the week of October 9th (the story of the Great Chicago Fire)
  • Virtual Fire station tour
  • "Firefighters are my friends", meet a firefighter and learn about our gear.

Check out CYFS on Twitter , InstagramFacebook, and YouTube!

Day 1 (Sunday): Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen

put a lid on it - FB and Insta.jpg

Day 2 (Monday): Virtual Station Tour and Firefighter Gear 

Link: Firefighter Gear Overview | Meet some of our firefighters

Link: Meet a CYFS Firefighter | Lesson for Kids | Firefighter Gear

Link: Virtual Fire Station Tour .......

Station 4-1 (Headquarters)

Meet our Fire Chiefs, learn about firefighter gear, watch an emergency response, all from your device!

Use the 360 tour by clicking and dragging to pull the screen in the direction you would like the go.

Click on the red flags to view videos, and our logo for instant access to our non-emergency phone number.

Ever wonder how much our gear weighs?

We loaded up Firefighter Adamo in bunker gear, then packed on equipment and stepped on the scale. We realized with that equipment, he weighed the same with just bunker gear and a "rescue", Firefighter Brandon obliged for the test!

Gear weight - Adamo an Brandon.png

Day 3 (Tuesday): Home Escape Planning and Smoke Alarms

Today's topic in the CYFS Virtual Campaign is ....
🚨Home Escape Planning and Smoke Alarms🚨
Let's kick off with a video: Planning a Safe Escape, the importance of conducting fire drills at home


Day 4 (Wednesday): Fire Extinguishers

In the video below, Chief Fire Prevention Officer, Ryan Schell, teaches us about

how to safely use the "P.A.S.S" acronym when operating a fire extinguisher:

P - Pull the pin A - Aim at the base of the fire S - Squeeze the handle S - Sweep from side to side

🧯BEFORE using an extinguisher🧯 1. Ensure the building has been notified of the fire. Pull the alarm pull station if your building has a fire alarm system. If no alarm system/pull station is installed, make sure someone is in charge of alerting everyone to evacuate AND calling 9-1-1. 2. Make sure your back is to the exit, so nothing comes between you and your way out. 3. Will your extinguisher operate correctly? Has it been properly maintained? Is it expired? These are all questions you must know the answer to PRIOR to grabbing that extinguisher. If you cannot address all the above components FIRST, you must escape. Contain the room of origin by closing the door, call 9-1-1, and exit the building.

Did you know: Fire extinguishers are not required for single family homes? Why is this?? The fire services in the Province of Ontario want you to focus on ESCAPE rather than spending time putting out a fire.  You may have less than 5 minutes to escape safely, once your alarms alert you to a fire in your home. 🔥 Unattended cooking is the #1 cause of home fires in Ontario? Here are some tips to remember:

✅ When using the stovetop, always "stand by your pan" and keep the proper fitting lid nearby. In the event of a fire, you can simply slide the over the pot/pan and turn off the heat.

🚫 DO NOT toss the contents into the sink, a common story our residents share with us! If there is grease of oil in the pan, applying water will increase the surface area of the content burning, leading to a rapid increase of the fire's size.

Stay calm, allow that tight-fitting lid to suffocate the fire by keeping it in place. 

If there is a fire in the oven or microwave, simply keep the door to the appliance closed, and turn off the heat.

🚒 When in doubt, just get out, call 9-1-1 from a safe location. ☎️ No fire is too small to call for help.

Follow those simple and time saving steps to help keep you and your family safe.

Do you have a home escape plan? Check out our video on YouTube on home escape planning where we discuss the importance of practicing fire drills at home.

A practiced plan, and having properly maintained smoke alarms are the KEY to a safe escape.