Proudly Protecting the Communities of Aurora and Newmarket

​​Central York Fire Services provides a range of emergency response services to the two towns (Aurora and Newmarket). These include, but are not limited to:
• Structure fires  • Vehicle fires  • Grass fires  • Emergency medical responses  • Motor vehicle collisions  • Fire alarm activations  • Carbon monoxide alarms activated  • Water and ice rescues  • Elevator rescues  • Public assists
CYFS responds to approximately 5000 emergency calls for service each year.
Central York Fire Services has a minimum of five on-duty crews in the Suppression Division assigned to four fire stations.  
In the event of a major incident resulting in the depletion of resources, there is a protocol in place that off duty firefighters will be paged to respond to their respective stations.

 In addition to the initial response expected as outlined in the service benchmarks, there are additional demands for staffing that may arise depending on the specific hazards, size of the incident and duration of the incident. These include the need to provide for firefighter rest and rehabilitation.