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​​A clothes dryer may be a source for a home fire.  The following are safety tips to follow in order to ensure safe appliance operation and maintenance:

Use aluminum or steel rigid duct/piping for dryer exhaust instead of accordion style combustible tubing (made of vinyl or foil type material).  Accordion type tube/pipe that does not have smooth surfaces may accumulate lint.  Plastic tube/ducts may also melt or collapse, thus failing to contain a fire within the unit. 

Clothes dryerEnsure exterior dryer vent flaps are clear of ice and snow and do not freeze shut.  Vent flaps should be checked regularly for smooth and easy operation of flaps in order to allow for the escape of dryer exhaust.  A blocked vent may cause a dryer's high temperature safety switch to continually cycle on and off which may lead to early failure.

 Keep the area around the dryer clear of flammable materials.

 Ensure the dryer is connected to a properly grounded, rated and fused circuit.

 Do not leave a dryer unattended in case the automatic shut off switch fails, permitting the dryer to run continuously.  As an added safety precaution, install a smoke alarm in the area of the dryer/laundry room.

 Always read labels affixed to clothing and other textiles for drying instructions and safety cautions before placing such items in a dryer.


Clothes Dryer Tips

Clean the lint screen before or after each use.

Clean the exhaust duct and vent periodically.

Replace flex hose with solid metal piping and maintain maximum air flow.

Keep the area around the dryer clear.

Do not dry materials that have been used with flammable or combustible liquids, or materials that give off flammable vapours when heated.

Read the manufacturer's instruction for using your dryer.

Do not overload your clothes dryer.

Do not leave your clothes dryer unattended when in use.​​