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​​​An annual inspection ensures that your heating and venting systems are operating safely and efficiently. A qualified heating contractor can provide that important annual check-up.

Here are a few things to look for on your own:

  • Check your furnace's flame. Flames should be mostly blue and steady. A pale yellow or wavy flame is a sign that your furnace is not working properly.Furnace
  • Check your venting system. Soft, rusted, or broken vent piping can release combustion products into your home.
  • Examine your unit to ensure it is free of dust, rust or signs of corrosion.
  • Look for signs of discoloration or soot. Build-up around the burner access door and vents could indicate a problem.
  • Check air filters monthly and clean or replace them as needed.
  • Make sure that furnace panels and grills are in place and that the fan compartment door is closed when the furnace is on. Leaving these doors open could cause carbon monoxide to build up in living areas.
​​​Installing a pipe